squid city - music that speaks for itself 

IDEOLOGY -(What Squid City Is)

An instrumental trio that is never predictable, Squid City combines ambient jazz, rock and progressive influences together with creative composition and thoughtful improvisation in order to create "music that speaks for itself". No matter what the set or setting, Squid City always maintains a constant presence that strives to promote balance and harmony through focused juxtapositions of space and time.

BIOGRAPHY -(Who Does What)

Lead guitarist Tyler George-Minetti soars above with beautiful melodies combined with incredible vintage tone and ample space for loops and live sonic manipulation. Gutiarist and ambient expert Thomas Pearo plays electric and acoustic guitar using cutting edge technology and a strongly self-taught finger-picking style that takes influence from musicians such as Kaki King, Peter Lang, Don Ross and even non-guitarists like Bill Evans. bassist evan borden lays down thick grooves while tastefully using effects and tone to sculpt the sonic landscape, taking influence from a variety of musicians like robert fripp, vangelis and brian eno. Drummer and percussionist Anthony Kareckas puts it all into focus with an incredibly diverse variety of tones and styles - ranging from swinging jazz to psychedelic rock to Cuban and Latin rhythms and more. 

HISTORY -(The Ever Changing History

Squid City has been creating and performing original compositions since December 2003 when the founding members met at the University of Vermont and formed a band known then as That Toga Band. Originally an improvisational based acoustic duo that was "forever engaging in characteristic pursuits of true underwater vibrational research", Squid City has meshed into a focused group that is always pushing forward to new harmonic horizons. With the current release of their first full-length studio album Welcome to Squid City (in collaboration with VT artist David Powell), Squid City has their hearts and minds set on spreading their unique sound to a world in desperate need of creativity, art and love. 

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